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News & Updates on the Liberal Democrats in England

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Matt McLaren has previously served as an elected member of the English Party's national Executive (formally the 'English Council Executive' or 'ECE') and the sole representative of the Party in England on the Federal Conference Committee.

In his home Regional Party of London, Matt is a Regional Officer (Chair of the Local Parties Committee), 2024 GLA Election Agents Coordinator, Chief Agent of Enfield Local Party, and one of the Region's elected representatives on the English Council (the sovereign governing body of the Party in England, made up of elected representatives from all Regional Parties plus Young Liberals).

Matt has also been a several-time Liberal Democrat candidate for Enfield Council and previously stood as one of the Party's MEP candidates for Greater London.

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Winchmore Hill News

Sign up for news & updates from Matt McLaren on Winchmore Hill and important things which may affect local people in the area.

Matt recently stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate for Enfield Council in Winchmore Hill ward and is a longstanding resident of the local area. He maintains a keen interest in what happens locally and intends to share relevant news and events via Winchmore Hill News.

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