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Cooperation between Lib Dems & Labour at national level shouldn't be at expense of voters' choice

The i reports that 'Labour could enter informal pact with Liberal Democrats to defeat Tories at next election, Keir Starmer hints' - see full story here:

Though I've personally been more centre-right than centre-left historically, at least on matters of economic policy (preferring lower taxation of income, albeit offset by higher taxation of unearned wealth, and public-private cooperation where this has been proven to work) - the current incarnation of the Conservative Party is so far beyond redemption that the Liberal Democrats absolutely must do everything in our power to get rid of them, even if that means cooperating informally with Labour at the national level.

On fundamental matters of democracy itself, the rule of law, conduct in public office and general ethical standards the Tories under Boris Johnson are utterly beyond the pale - and all that's to say nothing about the massive self-inflicted wound of Brexit, handled so badly even when implemented by its strongest cheerleaders that they wanted to renegotiate their own deal within a year!

I would therefore welcome informal cooperation between the Liberal Democrat and Labour Parties, in the hope that it helps bring an end to what is unquestionably the worst UK Government regime to hold national office since World War II.

The key, however, is for the two parties to deploy their resources smartly - not try to do back room deals which neither the local constituency associations which have these foisted upon them by party bigwigs nor actual local voters like.

Everyone who wants to vote Labour should be able to do so, and everyone who wants to vote Liberal Democrat should be able to do so as well - regardless of whichever constituency you happen to live in.

But, it makes absolutely no sense for the Lib Dems to go after Kensington for example, like we did during the misguided Swinson-led campaign, when Labour are clearly the challengers to the Tories there now. And similarly, Labour shouldn't be gunning for the Liberal Democrats in the likes of Richmond or Sutton where we Lib Dems are the barriers to Tory victory. So a little strategic cooperation might go a long way.

Here's hoping common sense will prevail and this paltry excuse for a Conservative Party we've ended up with under Boris Johnson is unceremoniously thrown out of office come the next General Election!



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